Taking a trip along a side road does not mean that the main road is closed!

About thirty years ago I took a couple of metalsmithing courses at Seneca.  I loved making and wearing jewelry!  This was just one of my sideroads.  I had a custom design and dressmaking business and although I no longer do it for others, a large part of my studio is taken up by sewing machines and I have been making lots of my own clothes over the past few years.

One of the sideroads I have no desire to drive again is my journey into stained glass.  That went on for many years until I moved to Muskoka.  Soon after moving up from Toronto I began making women’s t-shirts and doing my own silk screening on them.

Photography then took over my life.  I spent much more time out photographing and working on my photographs than any other activity.  It really is my life at this time.

Now, I am taking a look back and a look forward as I revisit jewelry making.  While checking online last February on how to go about reworking a couple of necklaces I found out about fine silver metal clay.  A light went on and I just knew I had to try it.  Up above I said that I love wearing jewelry.  Let’s face it, the things I photograph do not exactly fit in with wearing big pieces of statement jewelry and the pieces I inherited from my mother were hidden away except for family gatherings.

This weekend during the Blue Mountain Tour of the Arts I will have several pieces of my work at Timberwind Rustic Interiors where my wildlife photography prints also are available year-round.  In fact, two new prints will be shown this weekend as well.

My jewelry,  is all nature related, of course, and from my own photographs and/or molds I have made myself.  At this point all pieces are made of fine silver, 99.9% silver.  Some pieces have portions of the design plated, by me, with 24 K gold.  This acorn ring was designed just for me.  I’ll do one for you, too, if you like!


This is how I did the acorn.


These oak leaf earrings were done with a mold made from a very small oak leaf I found along my road and carnelian beads were added.


The two loon necklaces were taken from one of my photographs.  Lots of other ideas for loons are swimming around in my head.


The bear claw piece was made from a mold of a real black bear claw that I own.

This last piece I call “Pine Waterfall”.  The wet clay was imprinted with a pine twig then cut into sections.  The impressions were plated with 24 K gold and they swing freely from fine silver.

WaterfallOfPineTwigsTo see more please come and visit Timberwind Rustic Interiors at 7964666 Grey Road 19, Blue Mountains, any day this long weekend from 11 am – 5 pm.  Other artists, Robert McPhee and M.J. Jones, will be there, along with others.

To see my new prints you will have to come in, or wait until one of my next blogs!

One thing is certain, I do have to practice my product photography.  These were all taken with my iphone!