There are two loon chicks of approximately two weeks old doing well on my little lake!  With all my limbs and digits crossed I hope for their success!



During the second week of May I participated, once again, in one of Matthew Studebaker’s Photo Tours.  This tour was the most difficult of his that I have done.  More walking and some of it over rougher terrain than some of his other tours.  Also, some of the locations were crowded as there were five participants rather than four. Matthew always knows where to find the birds and get them in front of your camera so we had good opportunities.


We had both male and female Blue Gray Gnatcatchers and I really like the perch this guy chose.



This Bobolink gave us some great views both front and back and on several perches.




I have long dreamed of having images of Eastern Bluebirds with blossoms and we got both male and female with these budding blo0ms.




Orchard Orioles were one of the species I specially hope to photograph on this trip and there were lots of opportunities for males but few for females.  Having both is one of the goals of my photography.

Of course we photographed more species and went to some interesting places.  One of the nicest things that happened on this trip was getting THREE big smiles from Matthew’s baby daughter while I got to hold her.  It has been quite a few years since I got to hold a baby.  A precious one, she is!

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