Tired of Winter?

Are you tired of winter and wish you were someplace else? How about an online photography course to get yourself inspired and ready for spring!

NaturePhotograhers.net is offering 5 courses starting Monday, March 1st. Some have more than one start date so you can choose the one that works for you. They all last 6 weeks and range from the basics to macro photography. You will need to register to use the website but do not have to be a paid member to take the courses. Not cheap but less expensive than flying off someplace!

I think I’ll try a maco or abstract course. I just bought myself an orchid and I’m ready to try something that’s different for me.


Abstracts are about colour, line, repetition, space, and texture.

I do have a dedicated macro lens but one of my wide angle zooms has a macro setting as well. Add an extension tube and some natural light and you can play for hours!

I think I’ll get some daffodils or tulips next!


Winter – Around & About

Cold, crisp nights have produced beautifuly frosted trees around the falls on the Moon River in Bala.

The water, ice and snow make interesting abstracts along the water’s edge.

For a couple of weeks a first-year Harris’s Sparrow visited a Bracebridge feeder. It was very co-operative and would come right in by the house but spruce trees kept the area shaded and many small branches interfered with most photography attempts.

After spending all of January in the house I was very happy to spend a weekend out looking for raptors with Matthew Studebaker. Bitter cold driving winds kept most birds hunkered down and out of site for Saturday and Sunday wasn’t much more successful. My favourite of the day was this American Kestrel. He did spend a bit of time out in the open and gave us good views.

I have seen the fox who visits my feeding station and the fisher has been coming in regularly so its time to set up some lighting. I’m hoping for success!

I found out about some software that helps photographers analyse the composition of their images. It is free and could be a help for those trying to keep their subjects out of the centre of their images!


If this link doesn’t work just copy and paste.