Feathery Frost

After a bit of enforced confinement I am anxiously looking for photography opportunities. We have had some cold nights with warmer days so the melting has left moisture in the air that turns to frost during cold windless nights nights. I have been looking at frost more closely to see what differences I can see.

This image was taken with my Canon 180 mm macro lense with a 1.4 x converter and a 36 mm tube.

This one was taken with the same gear but on a different window. Apparently any scratches and residue on the glass affects the way the frost forms. These were from part of my house that isn’t heated in the winter.

The frost formed on this pine needle cluster from the condensation misting from my propane furnace. The frost built up in the morning and then melted as the sun warmed it.

I found this frosted twig yesterday morning and just as I began to photographing a bit of breeze scattered the frost like giant snowflakes. I quickly worked on this twig before the wind blew again.

In a place along my wooded road a bit of running water has been freezing and thawing. When it freezes, and along the edges, hoar frost forms in long sharp crystals. The light isn’t very good there so I’ll see what a bit of flash does to bring out the shapes.

Even though I haven’t been outside much I have enjoyed many beautiful sunrises, sunny days and visits from a hungry fisher. This winter with not much snow, so far, has been wonderful. I don’t miss the nine feet we had here the two previous winters. If only they were all like this!

There is lots to photograph out there, so enjoy!