Misty Mornings

Now that I have got over five days of sitting at my computer trying to set up a home network I can get out on my lake again. It was very frustrating and not at all fun.

One of the results is that I have a 22″ BenQ wide view HD monitor for sale! Great for a second monitor or general computer work. Only one month old. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Although crisp (@ 5C) the last two mornings out on my lake it couldn’t have been more beautiful. Yesterday the mist was very thick and it took over an hour for it to clear. This morning it was lighter. I suppose that means the temperature of the lake is going down.

Just as the sun started over the trees it lit up the drifting mist and the far end of the lake was in sillouette.


There were lots of beautifully decorated spider webs clinging to what is left of the Pickerel Weed. The Cotton Grass is at its best and it is surrounded by Marsh Fern dressed in its autumn colours.


When the sun hit the SE side of the lake dozens of moths fluttered above the leatherleaf and other bog plants.


I managed to capture this one on the shady side of the lake. I believe it is a Chain-dotted Geometer. They fly during September and October.

I was more than pleased to hear and see a resident Song Sparrow on the perch he has used since spring.


A few Mallards and a male Wood Duck were enjoying the quiet and a small flock of five Canada Geese flew overhead toward the river.

Most of the birds that spent the summer at my feeders have left for better hunting. All the American Goldinches and Purple Finches departed more than a week ago. The hummingbirds disappeared the same night. I haven’t seen any Red-breasted Nuthatches lately, either. The odd warbler has come around looking for caterpillars. A Tennessee and a Black-throated Green were here today.

The days have been beautiful and I’m always in hope that it will last forever!

I have a Canon 20D and a Canon 1D MK2 for sale if anyone is interested! My 40D will be next.

Its time to start thinking about 2010 Calendars! Check them out on my website or find them at Bracebridge Picture Framing, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Algonquin Park Visitor’s Centre, Kids for Turtles or Red Leaves Resort in the Country Market. They will be available at the Ontario Field Ornithologists AGM at Point Pelee the weekend of October 3 & 4.


All the images in this post were taken with my 40D with or without a 36mm tube on my 100-400.